Wolfpack Cyber Academy

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The Wolfpack Cyber Academy was created from a need to educate all levels of any type of organisation on the risks of not securing information properly as well as providing certification on the required standards and practices. The courses that we offer to the public, our clients and government departments focus on various areas of IT governance, risk, information security and cyber security. These courses vary in complexity and are tailored to suit any level of employee regardless of industry or organisation.

Cybergym Real Simulated Attacks

Cybergym's onsite emulation training arena offers customised and immersive cyberattack experiences allowing our clients' personnel to test their skills and cross functional responses in realistic, high pressure conditions. Cybergym's training platform provides our clients with comprehensive battle hardened and tested international expertise pitched at their level of cyber knowledge. Below are the public courses we offer.

Cyber Awareness Essentials Workshop

Increase awareness across the IT organisation of common attack vectors, while demonstrating real-time cyber attack scenarios on organisational networks. Training outline: Overview of key cyber security concepts, The hacker point of view, Cyber attack case studies and Live cyber attack demonstrations.

  • Upcoming course date: 23/10/19
  • Cost: R5,250 (VAT excl) per person
  • Click here to download training outline
  • To apply please email: sa@cybergym.com

Incident Response Bootcamp

CISO and SOC managers play a pivotal role in detecting and defending against cyberattacks. They must be included in every cyber decision and policy and are ultimately responsible for securing the organisation. Defining, implementing and maintaining the entire protection-defence-response system requires careful communication, running routine testing and aligning business policies.

  • Upcoming course date: TBA
  • Cost: R17,500 (excl)
  • Click here to download training outline

Cyber Defence Essentials

The people behind the SOC team, the IT department, are fundamental for the safety of an organisation. They ensure that appropriate detection and response processes are implemented as designed to secure the whole organisation. The IT department is central prior to, during and after a cyber event. They are often the first to encounter and perform a rapid analysis on potential threats.

  • Upcoming course date: TBA
  • Cost: R17,000 (excl)
  • Click here to download training outline
  • To apply please email: sa@cybergym.com

Cyber Crisis Management

Executive managers make the ultimate decision. During a cyber event, they must be informed and able to make the right calls. This requires knowledge of the required tools, relevant personnel and the organisation's security policies.

Management Workshop

Senior management is vital to the decision-making process during a cyberattack. Additionally, they are responsible for authorising access to key departmental resources. They must be able to recognise, understand, assess and flag ongoing cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

Human Risk Management Services

Specialist Government and Industry Training Programmes

We have successfully run training programmes for the banking and government sectors. Based on specific industry or country needs, we are able to structure a course tailored to your specific requirements.

Tailored Training Programmes for Companies - Executives or Operational Areas

We have successfully built and facilitated cyber training courses (ranging from 1 to 4 hours in length) for board members and executives. We then run more detailed operational courses for line management and GRC/IT teams so that the entire management team understands their roles to support the organisation.

Training Courses

Information and Cyber Security

Course Name
Cyber Security Foundation Programme
CompTIA Security+
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
Cyber Information Intelligence Programme
Cybersecurity Internship Programme
Incident Response Training and Simulation
ISO 27001 Lead Auditor
ISO 27001 Foundation
ISO 27001 Lead Implementer
ISO 27035 Lead Incident Response

Risk Management & Privacy

Course Name
ISO 27005 IT Risk Foundation
ISO 27005 IT Risk Manager
ISO 31000 Risk Foundation
ISO 31000 Risk Manager
ISO 31010 Risk Assessment Techniques
Certified Lead Privacy Implementer

IT Governance

Course Name
COBIT 5 Foundation