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The traditional penetration testing approach is dated, as new vulnerabilities are being found every day and the capabilities of a small team are limited. A successful pen test today does not give assurance the system is still safe tomorrow. Crowdsourced Security is the new Gartner standard. According to Gartner, 60% of enterprises will utilise automated and crowdsourced security testing platforms by 2022.    


    Synack offers a unique disruptive approach to penetration testing. This is a premium, best in class service. Synack, the most trusted Crowdsourced Security Testing Platform, delivers comprehensive and continuous security testing with actionable results. They combine a crowd of the world's most skilled and trusted ethical researchers with AI-enabled technology to create a more effective, efficient security solution than other testing alternatives. Synack is an entirely remote service which provides actionable results, a realistic view of your attack surface and in-depth reporting of exploitable vulnerabilities.

Efficiency and Scale Through the Platform

Crowd of fully vetted researchers at scale worldwide.

3-5 times more hours spent on target.

1500 of the world’s top researchers that deploy on demand to align with agile testing requirements.

Flexibility and Control

JIRA, ServiceNow and Splunk integration to make it easy and efficient to work across tools and teams.

Designated Synack-controlled workstations for the highest level of security.

LaunchPoint, a full packet capture VPN solution, which channels testing through specific IPs.


Actionable Results in Real Time

Simplicity of a centralised Portal for dashboards, patch verification and reporting.

Coverage Analytics across web assets for visibility into attack surface activity and traffic classification by attack type.

Reporting template for distribution of schedule reports in human written consumable format.


Financial Predictability

Re-testing as an ongoing function that does not require additional cost and scoping.

Fixed price cost per test with incentive payments managed completely by Synack.


No change orders.



Synack’s platform orchestrates the optimal combination of human and machine intelligence for continuous 24/7/365 security testing. In addition to finding and fixing vulnerabilities, the Synack platform delivers data-driven researcher insights to help you better understand and mitigate your security risk in a controlled and trusted environment. Our goal: help you become more attacker-resistant while also achieving compliance efficiently and effectively.