Information Risk Assessment

Our world-class information risk assessment ensures over 450 vulnerabilities are reviewed in interviews with strategic and tactical teams. The assessment factors in concerns raised by stakeholders, audit findings and past incidents ensuring that all security requirements are identified and prioritised according to business impact.

Information Risk Strategy and Roadmap

Our information risk framework provides the foundation upon which we architect the strategy to support business objectives and the subsequent information risk programme. The modular nature of the framework furthermore provides an agile environment to allow the organisation to continuously re-evaluate their priorities.

Information Security Management System (ISMS) and ISO 27001 Certification

We have the necessary skills and experience to partner with you to scope, establish an ISMS, and take it through to a successful ISO 27001 certification. We can furthermore assist with certified lead auditor and lead implementer training for all teams.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) Reviews

We conduct a privacy impact assessment and provide the necessary consulting services to ensure your organisation is compliant with relevant privacy and data protection requirements.

IT Governance and IT Risk Review

IT governance is a framework that ensures your IT infrastructure supports and enables an organisation to achieve its goals. We will perform an IT process maturity review, IT risk assessment and can assist with remediation of your IT environment.

cybersecurity and privacy resources 

A DPO resource will enable your organisation to adopt a proactive approach to managing personal information. Our top-tier security experts are available to organisations who need security expertise and guidance.

Data Governance Framework – Classification and Handling

We provide an approach to proactively minimise the likelihood and impact of a data leak. We help both business and IT to understand the value of their data, establish classification rules and then provide guidelines and training.

Supplier and Third-Party Risk

We will review your current supplier management lifecycle to ensure that the applicable governance components such as NDAs, SLAs and other contracts are in line with information risk management requirements. We also perform independent third-party risk assessments.

Disaster Recovery

Following an alignment process to the Business Continuity Management (BCM) strategy, we establish detailed disaster recovery plans for all key areas of the organisation. We then run simulated disaster scenario tests and help to mentor and upskill the DR Operations Team.

Business Continuity and Crisis Management

We establish BCM governance components in accordance with ISO 22301, then conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) with senior management to determine and evaluate the potential effects of an interruption to critical business operations.

IT and Network Security Reviews

IT and network devices are crucial for the operation of any organisation. An IT and network review will ensure that weaknesses in configuration are identified and remediated, reducing the risk of a security incident.

Security Architecture and Design

A well-designed security architecture programme will ensure that all security is business-driven, risk-focused, comprehensive, modular, auditable and transparent, demonstrates compliance and provides two-way traceability of business requirements.

Human Resources Governance

We have the necessary skills and experience to partner with you to scope, establish an ISMS, and take it through to a successful ISO 27001 certification. We can furthermore assist with certified lead auditor and lead implementer training for all teams.

Change and Release Management

IT change and release management is primarily concerned with the governance of transitioning new technology and procedural adjustments into a live operational environment, with as little risk as possible.

Incident Management

We review your current IM, DR and BCM environment and ensure an ISO 27035 aligned incident management programme is in place to handle major privacy or cyber incidents. We provide the necessary governance documentation, detailed “battle guides” and training / simulated incident testing for the Incident Response Team (IRT).

Wolfpack Advisory

try our proactive approach

The implementation of a proactive approach to information risk management will ensure that your business is better prepared for any internal or external attacks, leaving your company more secure and ensuring better governance. However, businesses without such an approach in place are left vulnerable, with potentially disastrous consequences.

build a solid, business-aligned security strategy

How can you improve your cybersecurity defenses in practical terms? It all starts with understanding, defining and eventually aligning the relationship between your core business functions, IT assets and data.

maintain a defendable, risk-management based security posture

Know your risk landscape to strengthen your cybersecurity posture, protect your critical assets and applications against breaches, theft and intrusions.

improvE your organisation’s cyber risk management.

Wolfpack provides an advisory plan which enables you to be well-equipped to achieve full adherence to the ISO Standards, as well as maintaining a defendable, risk-management based security posture in the face of a constantly changing regulatory, customer, and threat environment.


awareness content

Wolfpack maintains a range of professional content that is engaging and realistic - based on actual incidents taking place each year. Each topic comes with supporting materials such as videos, posters, screensavers and cartoons that are branded according to your corporate identity guidelines to further drive the message home. 

awareness programme management

Awareness programmes provide an excellent way to educate your staff and keep organisational Information security requirements fresh in their minds. The idea behind the campaign is to and to understand how to report a weakness or actual incident. Monthly management and support ensures the awareness programme is successful and runs effectively.

awareness management platform

The platform is a cost effective and multifunctional tool as it not limited for the use of cybersecurity awareness but could also be used for other departments as well as other client training programmes.

easy policy communicator

We have summarised key requirements from a typical information security policy into an easy to read booklet available in digital format that can be shared electronically or printed, which outlines expected behaviours. 

human vulnerability assessments

Wolfpack has a comprehensive portfolio of Human Vulnerability Assessments which simulate the possibility of realistic attacks which threaten most organisations. The aim of these assessments is to determine the level of awareness held by employees as well as determine which areas need greater focus.

automated phishing assessments

Our online threat assessment platform can be used to conduct realistic attack scenarios on teams within your organisation. We are able to conduct spear-phishing, bad USB, ransomware simulations, dumpster diving as well as test your physical security by gaining access to facilities.


These sessions are targeted at all employees in an organisation. The interactive and demonstrational sessions educate employees of various risks, threats and trends. The session further includes how to better protect themselves and their families, with a portion of the session focused on how to protect the company.


These sessions are titled “From the Boardroom to the War Room”, focusing on the risks executives may pose to an organisation due to the large amounts of information at hand. The workshop session encompasses governance and risk compliance aspects, including the importance thereof.

open source intelligence gathering

The Wolfpack OSINT investigation involves collecting several different types of information: organisation, infrastructure, employee, and document.



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cybersecurity awareness platform

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