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Latest Cybersecurity Research Projects

The 2016 SA Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Report

Reports in the media regularly illustrate that cyber threats are increasing, both in persistence and sophistication. Damage caused by a cyber attack today can severely impact a nation’s critical infrastructure. Our cybersecurity research has shown that the advent of the digital world, as well as the interconnectivity of people, devices and organisations open up a whole new playing field of vulnerabilities.

Given that society is increasingly dependent on cyber-enabled technologies for many functions of daily life, these technologies should be underpinned by redundancy, resilience and close scrutiny, in order to avoid harmful disruptions.

In the 2015/6 Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) Report, we discovered that organisations are making progress on building the foundations of cybersecurity. However, most respondents report having only a “moderate” level of maturity in their current capability. There is still a lot of work to be done. The protection of critical information infrastructures (CII) is the shared responsibility of both public and private organisations.

The potential for cyber attacks to cause damage at a societal level calls for a coordinated response, in which dependencies and vulnerabilities in these infrastructures can be identified and addressed. Given the scale and scope of the challenge, responsibility must be shared by both public and private sectors alike. South Africa needs to adopt a framework to minimise the likelihood and impact of successful cyber attacks.

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Recent Cybersecurity Research Projects

The 2014 Nigerian Cyber Threat Barometer Report

We are confident that the collective wisdom garnered from all participating stakeholders will provide invaluable guidance to drive initiatives aimed at safeguarding the digital security of the Nigerian people. We have certainly seen the benefits from a similar cybersecurity research report published in South Africa in 2013.


The 2012 / 2013 South African Cyber Threat Barometer Report

The 2012/3 South African Cyber Threat Barometer report was a strategic public–private partnership (PPP) research project which aided initiatives that wish to address the growing cyber threat facing our nation. This cybersecurity research project was supported by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) as well as Information Security Group of Africa (ISGA) communities.


Per country case studies to the 2012 / 2013 Cyber Threat Barometer Report:


The 2011 South African Information Security Thermometer

The SA IST survey is an independent national study of local information security decision-makers conducted by experienced members of Wolfpack’s cybersecurity research team.


Threat Intelligence


Cybershield Magazine was our quarterly digital magazine, packed with high quality local and international articles, research and events, relevant to the African information security community. It was optimised for both online and offline viewing across multiple devices by the Wolfpack Information Risk team along with a select committee of specialists.

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