Threat Intelligence

National, Industry and Community

National and Industry Research Programmes

Wolfpack has conducted a number of national or sector- specific related threat research projects on topics such as cybercrime and critical information infrastructure protection. Our research is 100% vendor-neutral and is aimed at providing guidance to policy makers and strategic public and private sector stakeholders.

CyberCon Africa - Annual Cyber Conference

Wolfpack is the event manager of the CyberCon Africa conference hosted in Gauteng, South Africa. The purpose of the conference is to collaborate to identify national cyber vulnerabilities facing the continent and to jointly work on finding solutions.

Alert Africa - Community Awareness Website

One of the challenges highlighted at previous CyberCon events was the lack of a national awareness programme for South Africa. Wolfpack partnered with the British High Commission to build Alert Africa to provide a guidance on cyber threats and provide a portal to report a cybercrime in South Africa.

Wolfpack Cares - Social Responsibility Projects

Wolfpack’s culture is one of community engagement and support and as such undertake a number of pro bono projects each year.


Our Local and International Research Initiatives

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

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