Wolfpack Information Risk

    Just like wolves, we run in a pack. These partnerships ensure survival.  


Synack is a penetration testing company that combines AI and machine learning- enabled security software with a crowdsourced network of white-hat hackers to help keep its customers secure. 

The ZeroFOX Platform delivers automated threat detection, and also full remediation across social, mobile, digital, and collaboration platforms. 

Silensec provides a multipurpose virtual environment in which organisations can test critical capabilities and skills.

NW3C provides a nationwide support system for law enforcement and regulatory agencies tasked with the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of economic and high-tech crime.

Arctic Wolf's tailored approach to meet critical security challenges is trusted across a variety of industries.

Alfahive provides automated workflows tailor made for industry-specific scenarios that boost productivity.



Wolfpack is proud to be an Associate Consultant of the British Standards Institution for the ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standards. The BSI is a global leader helping organisations in 193 countries worldwide.

CGF is a private company that specialises in professional services related to Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) related matters, catering for all industry sectors, no matter the size of the organisation.

IRMSA is recognised as the Professional Body for Risk Management in South Africa. RMSA represents individuals and companies committed to enhancing the Risk Management discipline.


Alert Africa is committed to securing you, your family, friends and our continent with our online cybersecurity platform for the community.

Africa Food for Thought (AFFT) is a fully registered charity that provides food security for children, in support of education.