Managed Services

Technology Risk Management Services

Online Brand Reputation Management

Protection from takeover, fake spoofing, fraud/scams, counterfeit, violence, phishing and inappropriate use.

Social Media Protection

Facebook and LinkedIn auto content moderation and domain protection from takeover, violence, phishing and scams.

Cyber Incident Response

In partnership with Risk-X (UK and SA based) we offer an incident response and penetration test service on a retained contract, thereby giving you on-demand access to a highly-experienced responder.

Security Monitoring

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – Correlate and analyse security event data from across your network.
Behavioural Monitoring – Identify suspicious behaviour on your assets.
Asset Discovery - Determining what devices are connected on the network.
Vulnerability Assessment and Intrusion Detection – Discover and monitor your crown jewel assets for weaknesses and possible compromise.