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At the Cybercon Africa Conference, EDGE advocated prevention as better than the cure.  Presented by Danine Naidoo.

ENCA Interview with Craig Rosewarne of Wolfpack Information Risk on the Shellshock Bug.

Craig Rosewarne speaks to KykNet Dagbreek about the Shellshock Virus.

ENCA Interview with Craig Rosewarne of Wolfpack Information Risk on the Shellshock Bug.


ANN7 Prime discusses Cybersecurity and Risks. Featuring Cybersecurity Expert Craig Rosewarne and Captain Paul Ramoloko, National Spokesperson of the Hawks.

SABC 3 TV Interview with Craig Rosewarne, Managing Director of Wolfpack Information Risk, about the cybercrime spike in South Africa.

Dagbreek interview with Craig Rosewarne from Wolfpack Information Risk about the Nigerian Cybercrime Barometer Report.

ENCA Interview with Craig Rosewarne from Wolfpack Information Risk on Cyber Espionage.

Radio Interviews

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Print and Press


Director of SANS Institute for Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Mr. Craig Rosewarne, said the increase in cyber criminal activities coupled with ineffective legislation and law enforcement pose challenge to security of global computer infrastructure. Read the full article

The 2012/3 South African Cyber Threat Barometer report is a strategic public–private partnership (PPP) research project to support initiatives that wish to address the growing cyber threat facing our nation.  Read More

3rd World War is here: In cyber space with 556m attacks this year. Read the full article

AstroTech Training CEO Liza van Wyk says cybercrime is soaring with 556-million victims world wide this year. She says the latest South Africa Cyber Threat Barometer report has found that denial of service, economic fraud, and the theft of confidential information are high concerns – especially with internet banking, e-commerce, and social media sites. Read the full article

Expert warns of govt’s lax cybersecurity “We’ve got capability, but it’s fragmented,” Rosewarne said. “We need a senior person to take the lead on this and to actually put in the necessary resources and look at the bigger picture and get things going in this country.” Read the full article

“We need to selectively train relevant police constables basic cybercrime skills, including how to identify, categorise and open a docket for cybercrime incidents,” Craig Rosewarne, Wolfpack Information Risk. Read the full article

Financial Technology Africa – Cyber-crime rates still on the rise. According to a research conducted by a local firm, Wolfpack Information Risk.  Read more



Identity theft is costing south African businesses a fortune
“There are no official crime statistics, however, Wolfpack Information Risk estimates a R2.5bn loss during the 2012/2013 financial year. Other international vendors peg the figure in South Africa at between R4bn and R5bn. Globally, the estimation is $450bn per annum… and it’s increasing,” Craig Rosewarne of Wolfpack Information Risk told Fin24 recently. Read more
More cyber threats to come in 2015
Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk, points out that cybersecurity threats are real, and organisations need to work together to combat them. “In South African, we tend to not want to share knowledge – but we have to. We are facing common challenges across the continent; our citizens are exposed; and we can rely on getting very few services from police.” Read more
Cybercrime costs South Africa about R5.8 billion a year
“Cybercrime is a global problem, and it is the country costing hundreds of millions of rand annually. Organisation urgently need to collaborate with private entities and the public on cyberthreat initiatives,” said Wolfpack Information Risk’s Craig Rosewarne at the Cybercon Africa conference. Read more
SA moves to curb rife cybercrime
Cybersecurity expert Craig Rosewarne, of cybersecurity firm Wolfpack Information Risk, said South Africa lagged behind because the government and the private sector had not taken cybersecurity seriously. “Cybersecurity in the country is not yet up to the point where it is a priority.” Read More

Russia’s Kaspersky warns SA of cyber espionage virus
Cybersecurity expert Craig Rosewarne, of Wolfpack Information Risk said, South Africa lagged behind because government and the private sector have not taken cybersecurity seriously. “Cybersecurity in the country is not yet up to the point where it is a priority. South Africa has been slow to respond and executives have been slow to identify it as a threat,” he said. Read More

Staff awareness training helps mitigate cyber threats
Significant amounts of cyberattacks in South Africa have seen it ranked the most hacked country in the world after Russia and China. A recent study by Wolfpack Information Risk states that South Africa’s annual loss to cybercrime is equal to R2.65 billion. Read More
50 Ways to survey your lover
Craig Rosewarne, the head of the Johannesburg-based consulting firm Wolfpack Information Risk, said spying software applications were readily available on the internet – some for as little as R100 a month. He said there was nowhere to hide once one’s phone had been “jailbroken”, which is defined as gaining access to the operating system of a smartphone or tablet, (especially one manufactured by Apple) to record the data of your SMSes, business meetings and more. “The spyware tools we’ve analysed are very reliable, 0bviously, you need to know the device password, and once you’ve loaded the software, you will need no more than five minutes. Read More

Mobile Banking Unsafe
Craig Rosewarne, the managing director of Wolfpack Information Risk, said: “We have not seen any major compromises of local mobile banking apps in South Africa, but based on international trends, they will become more of a target.” Read More

How to make your passwords more secure
Technology brings with it convenience and the benefits of making life easier on many fronts. For example, one can shop or bank from the comfort of one’s own home. But it also makes life easier for criminals who prey on unsuspecting targets. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab says that 64% of South Africans have faced serious threats from criminals. Security firm Wolfpack Information Risk estimates that cybercrime costs South Africans between R2.5 billion and R5.8 billion annually. Read more

10 held as SA aids US in 419 bust
Craig Rosewarne, of Wolfpack Information Risk, a local online security company, said there were syndicates operating across the world. South Africa is an especially soft target because of the lack of policing units focused on combating cybercrime. Read more

SA firms face Heartbleed dilemma
The problem with Heartbleed is that, short of changing their passwords, users can do very little about it. “It’s almost like being in an airplane, we have to rely on someone else to get us there safely. We are just passengers here.”  Read more

Cybercrime on rise, users unaware
Johannesburg – Many South Africans are falling prey to cybercrime because there is a lack of a national awareness programme, according to Craig Rosewarne, the founder and chairman of the Information Security Group of Africa. Read more

Cyber crime ‘is a national crisis’
Craig Rosewarne, the director of cybersecurity firm Wolfpack Information Risk, agreed, saying South Africa was not doing enough to combat cybercrime. He said that his company prepared a research report, funded by the British government, which showed that the three hardest hit sectors in South Africa – government, banking and telecommunications – had lost an estimated R2.6-billion between January 2011 and August last year. Read More

Attack of the Facebook clones
Craig Rosewarne, a cybersecurity expert and director of Wolfpack Information Risk, said there were different ways an account could get cloned. They either get your password illegally or they create a false Facebook account and add you as a friend. Once you accept them, they simply copy all your photos on to another Facebook account they create with your name and information, which makes it look just like the original. “There’s always different flavours of these scams,” Rosewarne said. Read More

Cyber ambush takes IOL offline
Craig Rosewarne, director at Wolfpack Information Risk, said many computers in Africa and Third World countries were susceptible to cyberattacks largely because of software piracy. A machine running pirated software often did not have access to security updates and was vulnerable. He said the recourse for victims was minimal – there was a less than 1 percent chance of tracing the perpetrators, unless a company was prepared to spend handsomely. The best option was to improve security. “The scary thing for South African companies is once the Protection of Personal Information Bill is active, companies will have to disclose breaches.” Read More

SAPS Website Hacked
Craig Rosewarne, a cybersecurity expert and director of Wolfpack Information Risk, described a hacker who had a political, religious or social agenda as a “hacktivist”  Read more

Cybercrime in SA: As bad as HIV?
Cybercrime poses as huge a threat to SA as HIV and Aids, say experts. What is our government’s response? Watch the video to find out.

A playground for faceless criminals
The government lost about R1.5-billion to cybercrime between January 2011 and August 2012. According to Craig Rosewarne, managing director of Wolfpack Information Risk, this only reflects direct losses incurred through fraud using computers and the internet. The figure was a conservative one, and is likely to be higher in reality. Read more

Wanted: Cybersecurity expertise’
Based on his organisation’s research, Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk, says skills around critical information infrastructure protection are hugely lacking. Read more

Can SA turn insecurity into profit?
Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk and a keynote speaker at the ITWeb Security Summit 2016, says he expects to see cyber threats on the rise, and information security budgets under pressure, creating a high-risk environment until the economy improves.Read more

Cyber security awareness ‘severely neglected’
Malicious insider behaviour, targeted spear-phishing and social engineering attacks are the top factors in cybersecurity breaches at South African corporates, says Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk. Read more

Beware the Android app hazard
Operations manager of Wolfpack Information Risk, Manuel Corregedor, corroborates the international study, saying the type of tracking and advertising identified by Eurecom is taking place on a daily basis when users visit Web sites: “[So] it’s not surprising that this very same practice – as with others such as malware – continues to port over from traditional to mobile platforms.” Read more

Cyber crime clampdown in works
Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk, says revisions are being made to SA’s legislation that will have a positive impact on combating cybercrime. “There are also new pieces of legislation [in the making] that will help in prosecuting cybercriminals. While the revised legislation has yet to be paired with a solid timeframe, Rosewarne says comprehensive drafts have already been drawn up.  Read more

Mobile biometrics still in infancy
Kenny Matima, security consultant at Wolfpack Information Risk, says fingerprint sensor technology is still in its infancy on commercial mobiles. “At present, the technology is not at the point where biometrics can be used as a reliable security feature. As the person who ‘hacked’ the iPhone TouchID said, ‘fingerprint biometrics is unsuitable and should be avoided’. I believe he is correct. At the moment, biometrics on mobiles isn’t where it should be, but it is a start in the right direction.” Read more

ETC promises to fix security flaws
“PINs or passwords should never be sent out in plain text,” agreed Manuel Corregedor, operations manager at Wolfpack Information Risk. “The correct way to do it would be to establish a password reset process where you validate yourself.” Read more

Brace yourself for e-toll phishing
Wolfpack operations manager Manuel Corregedor says not only is it child’s play nowadays to set up a phishing scam – the time is also ripe for such cyber crime, given that e-tolling is such a hot topic at the moment.  Read more

Sanral’s online security examined
Manuel Corregedor, operations manager at Wolfpack, believes the first mistake Sanral made was the decision to use four-digit PINs. “The problem with using a four-digit PIN is that it is a lot easier to brute force (guess) as opposed to a 15- to 20-character password that has alphanumeric characters with special symbols. The four-digit PIN, combined with the fact that the user name was limited to a non-case-sensitive character set, substantially increased the chances of an attacker being able to guess the login credentials of a user.” Read more

Africa must share cyber security info
Africa needs to share ideas on cybersecurity if it is to mitigate the risks posed by the ever increasing threats. So said Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack, a local company specialising in information risk, during the CyberCon Africa 2013 Conference, in Johannesburg, this week. Read more

True impact of cyber crime unknown
The true amount of money that SA loses to cybercrime every year is not known, says security expert and Wolfpack Information Risk MD Craig Rosewarne. Rosewarne was responding to the 2012 Norton Rose Fulbright cybercrime report that has ranked SA third in terms of cybercrime, after Russia and China. According to the report, SA loses R1 billion every year to cybercrime. Rosewarne says a similar report released by Wolfpack Information Risk last year, shows SA loses an approximate R2.65 billion every year, with an average recovery rate of 75%, resulting in the final loss figure to be estimated at R662.5 million. Read more

SAPS Hack spells negligence
Craig Rosewarne, says Wolfpack is seeing a growing trend of hacktivist attacks, with about 60% of hacker attacks over the past six months being attributed to politically-motivated factions. Read more

SA crying for cyber security leadership
Enterprise, security vendors and government must work together to combat cybercrime, unpacked the key findings of the 2012/13 SA Cyber Threat Barometer. Read More

Telcos under cyber threat
Craig Rosewarne, director of Wolfpack Information Risk, says there is much emphasis placed on cybercrime in SA’s banking and government sectors, while the telecoms industry is “right up there” when it comes to loss suffered through malevolent online activity. In fact, he says, it is becoming harder to separate the industries. Read more

South Africa lags behind much of the world in policing cybercrime
Moves are now being made to improve the situation. So says ISG founder and Wolfpack MD Craig Rosewarne, who late last year released SA’s first Cyber Threat Barometer, and says “good engagements” have followed the release of the report. Read more

South Africa “ill-prepared” for cyber attacks.
“I am concerned that we are not prepared as a country to deal strategically with cyberattacks,” says Craig Rosewarne, the former founder and chairman of the Information Security Group of Africa and current managing director of Wolfpack Information Risk. Read more

South Africa lost R2.65 billon to cybercrime from January 2011 to August 2012.
Cybercrime continues to enjoy exponential growth rates. This was one of the major takeouts from the South African Cyber Threat Barometer 2012/13 report, which was conducted by local research firm Wolfpack Information Risk.”
Read more

Wolfpack deserves a great deal of credit
Wolfpack Information Risk is championing a coordinated response to cybercrime across the public and private sectors. Given the astonishing damage that is being caused by cybercrime in all its guises, Wolfpack’s initiative should be commended in terms of galvanising effective responses to escalating incidents of IT-based crime. Read more

“Cyber crime now a serious and costly threat in South Africa.”
Craig Rosewarne, managing director of Wolfpack, a local company focused on information risk research, training and awareness solutions, told delegates at an information security seminar organised and hosted by enterprise software specialist NetIQ that the Internet is being used not only for good, but also for evil. Read more


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