Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity and Privacy Awareness Programme

Information protection is a human capital issue. A large majority of breaches are due to human involvement and not a lack of technology protection. Culture plays a huge role in setting the standards for behaviour throughout an organisation. Wolfpack provides a full turnkey cybersecurity awareness solution. This includes analysis, content development and customisation, programme management and an intuitive learning management system. We also conduct various human vulnerability tests using Camo Wolf- our online threat platform.

Review our Cybersecurity Awareness Premium Pack:

An annual license with access to the following content:

  • 15 animated cybersecurity awareness videos (10 security / 5 privacy).
  • 15 posters.
  • 10 screen savers.
  • 10 cartoons.
  • 4 web simulations.
  • Cybercrime survival guide.
  • Cybersecurity awareness programme management toolkit.
  • Easy policy communicator with associated induction training slides in Microsoft Power point.


Note – The annual fee covers all new content or upgrades within your licence year.

Grey Wolf Learning Management System (LMS):

  • A powerful LMS to run your animated videos.
  • Includes a set of questions per video that can be used to track compliance.
  • LMS can be configured to include training for other departments in your organisation.
  • Initial fee covers installation, configuration to client requirements and a training session for local admin staff.

Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.

– James Thurber