Wolfpack Information Risk
The Wolfpack Advisory portfolio offers a bouquet of services that complement one another as part of a broader Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) risk management offering that allows seamless integration with the other service divisions that Wolfpack operates. ​

The Advisory team has developed a number of unique services that are interdependent and exist within every organisation.  GRC risk management is a key part of what we do and covers the whole business from strategy through to finance, through to the different areas and processes within the business. Everything that exists within an organisation has interdependencies and each part of the business connects to the other parts of the business.  Part of the service we provide is to consider these interdependencies at all times. ​
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One of the Cornerstones of GRC – Knowing Your Business and the Risks You Face ​

The core drivers and key interdependencies of a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) strategy are corporate governance policies, procedures, standards, guides, as well as regulatory and company compliance. Risk management serving as one of the cornerstones of GRC, ensures that the key interdependencies work together in an integrated manner through effective controls and control objectives. 

GRC - The centre of strategy, risk and performance. 

1. Governance, Risk Management and Compliance ​

Governance and Risk Management Services: 

Enhancing IT governance consulting services, enterprise and IT risk management processes with strategies, effective policy management, operations, and management risk assessment process. ​

Audit and Assessment Services:

Managing and performing audits and assessments related to IT governance, regulatory policies compliance, information security, third-party control and governance, and provision of external audit support when required. 

Data Privacy Services:

Strengthening and assisting to build robust and reliable services in data-sensitive environments with the help of inventory and data flow mapping, privacy program implementation, impact assessments, regulation analysis, and incident management. 

GRC Platform Implementation and Support Services:

Increase management visibility with our GRC Framework through its implementation, integration, and monitoring capabilities.

2. ISO 27001 Certification Assistance

Wolfpack is a proud member of the British Standard Institution (BSI) Associate Consultant Programme (ACP) for the delivery of the ISO 27001, 27701 and 22301 standards. ​

Wolfpack partners with the BSI Group, which provides specialised ISO 27001 training and conducts external audits. ​

Through this association, we offer ISO 27001, 27701 and ISO 22301 Certification Readiness Audits, guidance, and advice in support of our Cybersecurity, Privacy and Resilience (CPR) Consulting offering.​
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3. Privacy and Data Protection

We offer the following services for privacy and data protection: ​

  • POPIA and GDPR consulting service, we help to implement the policies and procedures required for complying with the regulatory requirements. ​
  • POPIA and GDPR gap and readiness assessments for clients wanting to know where they are in their compliance journey. ​
  • Data mapping, data classification, and data inventory consulting and advisory. Through our software partner PrivIQ we provide POPIA software platform setup, training and implementation. ​

4. Executive, Business and Operational Management

Our business-wide risk assessment can assist with strategic, operational, and tactical planning assistance.  We can assist and put in place a cyber security management plan that will efficiently coordinate response to any emergency regardless of size, scope, or complexity. ​The security incident management plans are all aligned courses of action that are intended to achieve the strategic, operational, and tactical goals.​

In the context of the organisation, the plan includes the business strategy implementation plan with statements on vision, mission, core values, and strategic goals/objectives. ​The operational plan with the action plans to achieve the strategic goals/ objectives. ​The tactical plan with the action plans to achieve the operational goals/ objectives.

5. Cybersecurity, Privacy and Resilience (CPR) Consulting 

Wolfpack has created a battle-tested 5 step process that provides an approach to begin or improve your integrated Cybersecurity, Privacy and Resilience (CPR) journey. ​

A central starting phase is to determine the external and internal requirements that will influence what the organisation sees as the main call to action points and the priority assigned to address them. These are again broadly broken up into those that either present a risk or an opportunity to the organisation. ​

6. Third-Party Vendor Risk                                

7. Security and Resilience 

ISO 22301 – Security and Resilience, Business Continuity Management Systems – Requirements (BCMS) were developed for use in all organisations concerned with the ability to maintain business operations through preparation to face any disruption of operations and prevent meeting objectives.

We can assist in carrying out ISO 22301 readiness assessment that can act as a blueprint for the implementation journey.

Should a client want to go ahead and implement a BCMS, we are able to assist with managing a project plan structured around the different steps required to implement the system, as well as the 14 mandatory documents required to fulfil the requirements of the BCMS.

We are also able to assist with ISO 22301 pre-certification preparation as well as pre-certification readiness audits.

8. Strategy, Roadmap and Programme Management

Contact us to discuss best practices for protecting your business from these threats, and we can highlight some of the latest tools, technologies and training that can help you stay safe online.