Wolfpack Information Risk

    The implementation of a proactive approach to information risk management will ensure that your business is better prepared for any internal or external attacks, leaving your company more secure and ensuring better governance. However, businesses without such an approach in place are left vulnerable, with potentially disastrous consequences.


Business Risk Management

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Governance, Risk Management & Compliance


Executive, Business & Operational Engagement


Cybersecurity, Privacy & Resilience (CPR) Consulting


3rd Party / Vendor Risk


Privacy / Data Protection


Business Resilience


 ISO Certification Assistance



Cyber Defence

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Cybersecurity Assessments


 Incident Management


 Remediation Assistance


 Penetration Testing-as-a-Service


Secure Code Review


Digital Risk Protection & Adversary Disruption


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)


Blue Team Readiness Assessments


OT Security




People Risk Management

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Tailored Training & Awareness Programmes


Managed Resources – Flexible Virtual or Long-Term


Large Catalogue of Cybersecurity, Law Enforcement & Intelligence Training


Change Management


Managed Services –
Skills, SaaS Platform &


Board / EXCO Training


Staff Wellness Workshops



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Pro Bono Consulting


Free Awareness Resources


School Cyber Safety Toolkit


Cybercrime Victim Assistance


SME Cybersecurity Guidance


Cyber Threat Research