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2022 Newsletters

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The Wolf Howl February 2022 - Spyware Recovery Guide Protecting The Crown Jewels.pdf
The Wolf Howl March 2022 - Cyberbullying Recovery Guide IRMSA Risk Report 2022 BSI associate consultant for the ISO 27001 and ISO 22301
The Wolf Howl May 2022 -Financial Scams Recovery Guide The Adventures of CISO Ed Co Internet freedom under threat in SA ITWeb Security Summit
The Wolf Howl June 2022 - Offensive and Inappropriate Video CISO's Under Pressure ISO 27001
The Wolf Howl July 2022 -Business Email Compromise (BEC) Third Party Supplier Risk Vulnerabilities
The Wolf Howl October 2022 - FREE Resources for Cyber Security Awareness Month
The Wolf Howl November 2022 - Black Friday WhatsApp Data Breach Online Store Scams
The Wolf Howl December 2022 - Happy Holidays!