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Our Services

We specialise in information and cyber threat management covering the full spectrum of prevention, detection, incident response and business resilience capabilities

Research and Threat Intelligence

International cyber security research projects and local insight into strategic and operational cyber threats facing companies.

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Professional business aligned information risk services to address governance, risk and compliance services.

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Establishing a security-aware culture throughout the organisation.

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Tailored training programmes to ensure optimal skills transfer.

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Managed Services

Cyber threat monitoring centre offering threat and vulnerability services.

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Our approach

Wofpack Aim Approach


An information risk Assessment and cyber risk analysis will be conducted to achieve the following:

  • Identify the specific information threats and vulnerabilities facing your business environment
  • Validate acceptable information risk levels in accordance with business requirements
  • Determine the maturity of existing information risk, people, process and technology controls across key areas of concern.


Remediation, simulated attacks and incident response will be conducted to achieve the following:

  • Define a suggested improvement priority road map for the establishment of an information risk management framework
  • Add an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 specifications
  • Performing realistic threat testing to ensure the controls are effective
  • Ensure a robust incident management programme is in place
  • Provide a training and awareness programme to transfer skills.


Threat and vulnerability management will be achieved in the following way:

  • Correlate and analyse event data
  • Determine suspicious network behaviour, conduct active network scanning and respond to threats more effectively.

Our story

Wolves belong to family groups called packs, usually consisting of eight to fifteen members. Within the pack, each member has a particular set of skills and responsibilities, which are executed with purpose and precision.

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Before wolves go in for the kill, they spend a considerable amount of time studying their prey. Wolves are masters at understanding environmental conditions and making the best strategic decisions based on the intelligence they have gathered.

Wolfpack have developed a comprehensive health check that combines all key technology, people and business requirements and thereafter provide a tailored strategy and roadmap for each customer. A one-size-fits all approach does not work.

Wolves will defend their territory and work together to fend off much larger predators. Although not as physically strong as other predators in their habitat, wolves hunt in packs to kill prey that are both larger and stronger than each individual wolf. Teamwork allows the pack to target larger prey that a lone wolf would fail to kill.

No single country, government or organisation can effectively protect themselves against the vast barrage of cyber threats. Wolfpack's underpinning culture has been forged through national and industry community initiatives and is committed to the improvement of cyber collaboration and safety within the African continent and beyond.

The wolf howl is a distinct call to action for all members in the pack. Howling helps pack members to effectively communicate in thickly forested areas or over vast distances and to summon members when they are attacked. Wolves will also howl for communal reasons. Some scientists speculate that such group sessions strengthen the wolves' social bonds and camaraderie - similar to community singing among humans.

A true partnership model is one that leverages the strengths of internal resources, trusted outside specialists and industry or global collaboration initiatives. This is pivotal to provide assurance that the required risk management, threat intelligence, monitoring, incident management and business resilience building blocks are in place to support organisational requirements.

Established in 2011

Wolfpack has provided world class cyber security services to their clients since 2011 and we are a proud level 2 BBBEE certificate holder.

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Wolfpack works with the management teams of their clients to securely unlock the benefits that modern technology has to offer.

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Focused on Cyber Security

Wolfpack has a proud track record of servicing both large and small companies. We are also regularly invited to share our expertise via various media outlets or at industry events.


Our Local and International Research Initiatives

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

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Wolfpack has partnered with a number of local and international organisations, which complement their service offerings

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Wolfpack's Community

Wolfpack cares

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"There is no silver bullet solution with cyber security. A layered defence covering the full spectrum of prevention, detection, incident response and business resilience is the only viable option."

- Wolfpack Information Risk

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Does your organisation struggle to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information? You are not alone. All companies today face a broad range of threats to their informational assets. Wolfpack Information Risk can help you to set up a business-aligned, risk-based cyber security programme, which can adapt to the ever changing threat environment.

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